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My dear world,

Every tree has a shadow, a caterpillar sprouts wings in the night, love is made under the moonlight. In every nook and cranny, you will find darkness. Without it, our light would never seem fully bright, for it’s in the darkness that we can truly see into the depths of our souls and find our light.

I am the light, let it shine.

To tolerate is to kill love. Turning a blind eye is not peaceful coexistence, its numbness - it’s tolerance - it’s the slow whisper of death.

The man with the iron fist sometimes requires extreme measures. It’s called Tough Love. This is not to act in hatred or unlove. When we do so, we give into the darkness.

Each one of us can choose our path - over and over we can choose light or dark. At some point in our journey, we will become taken - by the light or the dark. And each step leads us to one or the other. Only through darkness can we truly know the light within.

xoxo Eve

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