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Updated: Nov 7, 2017

Twenty-six incredible humans raised over $3,600 on Patreon in support of IAMEVE in 2016. Through their generous contributions we released Starman, which premiered to an overflow crowd at UCLA's Hammer Museum and featured a live performance by me! The online video premiere of Starman launched on YouTube with over 12k+ views, and is currently touring at several music festivals. Some other fun items include: being interviewed on Swedish Public Radio, a live performance on Inner Journey Radio, and performances at The Museum of Tel Aviv and #AIShowBiz (in collaboration with the new live band, string trio "Iridas").  

It has been quite a year but we are not stopping there!

I'm preparing to release a new music video called "X Girl", featuring Shree Crooks (Captain Fantastic, American Horror Story). In addition, another music video is in the works with Patrick McPheron, new songs in the studio, and plans for an Immersive Live Show!

To celebrate all of this, I'm sending a limited edition enamel pin to every new Patreon subscriber at the $5 and up reward tier. It is also available for purchase now!

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