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Happy Year of the “We and Me”, my loved ones.

Happy Year of the “We and Me”, my loved ones.   It’s taken a few weeks to settle in to 2018, but very happy to step into a new year!   

Interestingly, in Numerology, 2018 is a “Master Number” and, energetically speaking, Master Numbers are said to push us deeper into self-realization and self-actualization, demanding that we expand and evolve. Often, that process will be catalyzed by drama: extreme events or intensified circumstances. But 2018 is also a 2 which has the focus be on others. So together, we can practice mastering the balance of Me and We!

Blasting on, there are a world of things to share with you...where to begin...

oh, where to begin...

On the 16th I had a fascinating performance at the After Dark Part of the #AIShowBiz Summit with the first live performance in conjunction with an AI that was responding emotionally to the music based upon the emotions of an audience member. It was an unusual experience!   

In other news, I will be revealing a new song in February from the upcoming EP release (finally!) to share with you!  It is an intoxicating track and I am beyond thrilled to be releasing this into the world. Throughout the coming months I will be releasing songs until the EP is released in its’ entirety... Follow me over to Patreon to support the release and for extra surprises as I escort you through The Everything Nothing!

And another surprise...the universe is expanding…

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